DVD Warranty - what you can do if your DVD does not work correctly

DANCEvision.tv | DVD Warranty


If you have an issue with a DVD that you have received, please follow the steps outlined below. 
If the steps outlined below cannot assist you with your issue please complete a DVD Warranty Form. We will respond to all inquiries within 2 working days.

All sales are final and no refunds or exchanges are offered.

Customer’s Responsibility: 
The DVD’s produced by DANCEvision are sensitive to damage and must be handled carefully by the customer. Fingerprints and scratches will degrade the content stored on the disc and make it difficult for the player to read it properly. It is therefore, the customer’s responsibility to protect their investment by properly caring for their DVD. DANCEvision will NOT replace discs that contain any fingerprints or scratches.

All DVD’s and CD’s are individually Inspected Prior to Shipping
each one of the DVD’s and CD’s shipped by DANCEvision are individually inspected prior to being packaged in their protective sleeve. All DVD’s and CD’s leave our shipping department 100% smudge and scratch free and arrive to our customers that way.

DANCEvision warrants all of our DVDs for a period of 30 days with the period beginning on the date the DVD was originally shipped. Should any DVD be
deemed defective within the warranty period, DANCEvision will replace the
DVD with a new copy subject to the below conditions:

DANCEvision uses top-quality DVD-R DVDs. DVD-R is considered the most compatible recorded DVD on the market with a 97% compatibility rate.
We print directly on to each DVD, thus avoiding the use of stickers or labels that can affect compatibility.

While not all DVD players are compatible with recordable DVDs, please note
that DVD-R is generally playable on most set-top players, PlayStation, X-Boxes, and DVD-ROM drives found in computers.

Steps to take if a DVD that you have received does not play: 
If you have received a DVD and it does not work, it is either a bad disc or incompatible with your playback device.
In order to test your DVD, please try it out on a secondary playback device PRIOR to contacting us.

– If the DVD does play in other playback devices, but not your preferred playback device, you have one of the following three options:

1) You may keep the current DVD and watch it on secondary playback devices

2) Software update – Just like a computer, many DVD & Bluray Players require software updates to ensure maximum compatibility with different types of Discs and file formats. If your playback device has an “Ethernet”, “Lan” or “Internet” port you may connect it to the internet and download updated software from the manufacturer. Using your remote control, enter the “setup menu” and look for the “software update” option.

3) You may purchase a new DVD set-top player that can be used to play the device (check to ensure that it is in fact compatible with DVD-R prior to purchase)

4) You may exchange your DVD-R for a DVD+R (a repostage charge of $6 is to be incurred by the customer). DVD+R is a less compatible format, however, it may work on your system. If the DVD+R does not work on your system, you may either revert to options 1 or 2 above, or apply for another DVD-R.

– If the DVD still does not work, it is likely a defective disc. If this is the case, please check with your studio to determine if they have additional copies on hand. If they do, you may exchange it at your studio for a new copy. If your studio does not have any additional copies or your DVD was originally shipped directly to you, please visit our Warranty Form to contact us for a replacement DVD.

Replacement Warranty Policy: 
It is the policy of DANCEvision to replace DVD’s or CD’s that are genuinely defective and have no sign of wear, scratching, smudge-marks or other signs of abuse. If upon inspection, any returned DVD or CD shows any signs of abuse, no replacement disc will be issued.

Replacement DVDs are shipped within 5-7 working days.