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High Quality Videos & Action Shots – Available to take home on the day!

As “Dance Media Specialists”, the team at provides unrivalled Photography and Video coverage of Dance events – Combining the latest technology with a great understanding of dance; our creative professionals capture all performances with accuracy, amazing image clarity and perfect sound reproduction.
  • Photography
    Highly trained and regarded as some of the best in the industry, photographers capture not only all of the amazing action shots in a performance but also the all-important technical steps and body lines to compliment the choreography and show the performance in its best light.
  • Video
    A two camera configuration is used for all competitions.  A “wide” camera to capture the dance troupe as a whole and to give an overall perspective of choreography and formations; plus a second camera to focus on highlights and features within the dance, whilst eliminating any dead space on stage to bring an emphasis to the performers.
    Solo performances are expertly filmed with a more “close up” feel, showing the performer full screen and following the performance with clean, fluid camera work. Audio is taken directly from the sound system and additional microphones are installed to capture tap and vocals.
Viewing & Ordering
Taking advantage of the rapid growth in technology; we provide an on-the-spot service and unique ‘Viewing & Ordering’ iPad system that allows performers, parents and teachers to view and order photographs, and videos immediately after their performance.
We film and photograph all performances, allowing you to place your orders at any time! This means no more pre-orders, or rushing in between dances to ensure your routines will be captured. We understand the pace and busy time frames involved at dance competitions, which is why we have online ordering available to those who are unable to order whilst at the event